Logo Greek Graphic Designers Association

The Logo for the Greek Graphic Designers Association indicates the activity of our field in relation to other professions, generalises the term 'Graphic Designer' and underlines the Greek character since it refers to the association that represents the country. The new logo has reference to signage, greek poster, packaging lettering but also in the etymology of the term 'Graphic Designer'. In terms of design, the hand-written style was modified into a more typographic form. The letters are joined, but are set on a vertical axis than an angled one. Typographic solutions such as ligatures "στ", "λλ", "ας" were added which, although they are rarely used in nowadays, have their own history in greek writing and typography.
The omission of an accompanying symbol-emblem results to the new logo working as a symbol itself, giving the information directly and in a more expressive way.
The basic colours which would evoke printing or screen usage, are avoided, while the logo remains the same at its english edition. This, strengthens the fact that it concerns the associationthat represents the country, as it only translates in a small footnote.
In corporate usage it is combined with the font Fedra Sans Greek which characterises, in a large scale, the contemporary graphic design creation in Greece.

Greek Graphic Designers Association
Logo Design
Panayiotis Haratzopoulos