DVD-Rom: Athens through the eyes of the travelers between the 17th-19th century

This DVD-Rom presents Athens in the way it was witnessed and recorded or even imagined, by various European travelers of the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. The images used belong to the collection of the Benaki Museum and the descriptions come from the travelers themselves. The housing development along with the city planning of Athens is presented, starting from ancient times and resulting in the contemporary years. Many historic facts about the buildings and their use, together with the everyday life of Greeks and Turks are reported. The concept of the application was produced by Chryssa Kontaki while Panayiotis Haratzopoulos and Takis Tsougrianis also contributed. The sketches illustrate the different types of travelers (such as archaeologists, militaries, painters etc.) and were drawn by Giorgos Grigoratos. The DVD will soon be available at the Benaki Museum shops.

Benaki Museum
Project Management
Chrysa Kontaki
Design - Art Direction
Panayiotis Haratzopoulos
Assistant Designer
Yiannis Mihelakis, Yiannis Antonopoulos
Takis Tsougrianis
Cartoons - Animation
Yorgos Grigoratos