Goulandris Natural History Museum
(Initial website)

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Originally, designed in 1999, as a static site (1st stage), in order to draw attention to the old Museum. Shortage of content along with the foundation of the new Museum (Gaia Center) had, as a result, escalated the requirements and there was an effort to integrate some new specifications into the early designs (2nd stage). The improved version of the site operated until the year 2006.

The site has been replaced by a new dynamic one, since 2006.
Goulandris Natural History Museum
Project Management
Norbert Kanter (1st stage), Panayiotis Haratzopoulos, Kostas Karahalios (2nd stage)
Design - Art Direction
Panayiotis Haratzopoulos, Norbert Kanter
Tool EPE
Photographs - Video
Panayiotis Haratzopoulos, Kostas Karahalios
QTVR developing
Tool EPE