Archaiologia online
The website of the magazine Archaiologia & Technes (Archaeology & Arts)

The new website of the magazine Archaiologia & Technes (Archaeology & Arts) is available since April, 18th 2008. The articles from all the issues of the magazines are available in pdf files (apart from the articles of the last 4 issues), along with information about the archaeological current events in Greece and abroad: conferences announcements, exhibitions, lectures and other events, news, information about publications, presentations of exhibitions and/or other events, and useful information for experts (studies, research, scholarships, etc.)

Project Manager
Anna Lambraki
Research and Design
Katerina Charatzopoulou
Katerina Gika
Design - Art Direction
Panayiotis Haratzopoulos
Content Organisation
Katerina Gika
Anna Lambraki
Pelagia Tsinari
Katerina Charatzopoulou
Digital Issues
Digital Issues Process
Despina Mitropoulou